The best service offered to industrial projects by skilled professionals

Development strategy based on know-how

Over the last ten years, SOGEMA has grown by an average of 50 to 100% per year.

This growth is based uniquely on the quality of our services, the discretion and the level of implication of our employees and our consultants.

These excellent results are thus due to the work of our team of recruiters. In fact each recruiter (all of whom are educated to degree level or higher) undergoes in-house training which lasts on average two years during which they learn to interpret and analyse CVs as well as determining the requirements for each client request which is allocated to them. They also learn to position, to correct and to anticipate in respect of the job descriptions which they are asked to deal with.


Each application is carefully studied and references systematically checked when we wish to go further with a particular candidate.
Then our technical specialists and engineers interview our candidates.

Our administrative and management teams are always available and ready to help, which allows us to anticipate problems and, if a real difficulty is identified, to take appropriate corrective measures in order that all operations go as smoothly as possible.

Transparency and frankness in negotiations mean that satisfactory compromises are systematically reached, thus guaranteeing the success of projects.

TEAM SPIRIT and solidarity:

Each employee, being allocated a mentor, can and should use his/her network of professional colleagues when he/she requires any information whatsoever, be it technical, administrative or in terms of professional relationships, in order to provide the most efficient and highest-quality service to our clients.

For example, an SHE technician at a particular site can ask a more experienced engineer to check his prevention plans or risk analyses and can check with SOGEMA for information concerning the latest changes in regulations. Any of our employees working in isolation can thus benefit from our network rather than remaining inoperational over a particular point that concerns them.