The best service offered to industrial projects by skilled professionals

Development strategy based on know-how

Over the last ten years, SOGEMA has grown by an average of 50 to 100% per year.

This growth is based uniquely on the quality of our services, the discretion and the level of implication of our employees and our consultants.

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Serenity through partnerships

SOGEMA has never wished to put itself forward during its work on projects for its clients.

This discretion has enabled it to develop long-lasting relationships and to be a natural partner in projects.

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Research & Development

Since 2007, SOGEMA has invested regularly in the field of Research & Development

Current projects involve the application of advances in cognitive science for expert software dedicated to SHE.

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Permanent monitoring unit

A permanent monitoring unit, constantly searching for possible projects related to innovation and growth, was set up in May 2011.

The work of this unit has allowed us to develop relationships with a number of industrial companies, to check out different avenues and business opportunities in renewable energy,

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